The seminar “STRATEGIES FOR COOPERATION BETWEEN NON-FORMAL AND FORMAL EDUCATION” will realized in Fisciano and its main objective will be to provide an opportunity for comparison between ONG and organisations working in the field of non-formal and formal education. This exchange of experiences and good practices will lead to identify strategies for interaction between the two educational systems in order to learn new ways to ensure the involvement and active participation of young people. 4-day seminar, using facilitation techniques such as Open space technology and Future Search, will involve 17 youth workers from: Italy, Greece, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Sweden. The output of the seminar will be to create an handbook containing good practices shared on the cooperation between the two educational systems and encourage new synergies and thematic partnerships. It is believed that such synergies can ensure a more comprehensive process of growth and training for young people. The Moby Dick, will implement this initiative with the involvement of the University Association Agora and the University of Salerno that will be involved with a central role as subject leader for formal training of excellence, also considered its peculiarities logistics, in the vision of a concept of “European Campus” helping to give the initiative the right visibility.


From August, 28; to September, 1st

Deadline for applying: August, 5th