As a participant of an English / Spanish / German / Italian course you can learn new languages ​​in the most professional and friendly form, and in accordance with the latest teaching methods. Students can attend our courses in La Coruna during all over the year. The first day of class, students will take an entrance exam.
Specialized teachers with a grat experience teaching Spanish and other languages ​​to foreigners. Thanks to their professional experience and personal touch students learn Spanish and other languages ​​faster and more enjoyable.
The courses are organized at different levels, classes are conducted focusing on the level of communication. This means that students learn Spanish and other languages ​​to speak and focus on different aspects of communication: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The experience accumulated over time allows our teachers to teach Spanish and other languages ​​in a less academic, but in a fun and at the same time efficient. In Ingalicia you can learn languages ​​with great fun!!

For more information about our language courses please contact us at:

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