2 plazas para un curso sobre Erasmus+ en Alemania

Hoy os proponemos un interesante curso sosbre Erasmus+ con participantes de 12 países europeos. Es una ocasión única para saber más sobre el programa Erasmus+, sus acciones y resultados a medio y largo plazo, además de ser una oportunidad para compartir buenas prácticas y conocer nueva gente! Y lo mejor de todo, con TODOS LOS GASTOS PAGADOS! (Viaje, alojamiento y comidas).



KA1: Mobility of Youth Workers:
Training Course
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Visibility, DEOR & Networking
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Project Summary
Disseminating the results of youth work and the Erasmus+ projects and proving that there is need to implement such youth and community projects as it is beneficial for the society, the young people and other stakeholders, is equally important for all actors. The importance of effective visibility and dissemination and exploitation of project results is highlighted also in the Erasmus+/Youth in Action programme, where having a good DEOR (Dissemination & Exploitation of results) plan and activities is fundamental to have a multiplier effect on the target groups you have set and ensure the sustainability of your project.
Disseminating and exploiting the results of your projects in a meaningful way is important not only for the funders, but also for your target groups and the local environment to join your activities, support your aims, learn from examples and appreciate the work of your organisation. The most essential project results are the learning outcomes that you share among the participants, the participating organisations and the local communities of the participating organisations. Identifying, documenting and communicating these results can sometimes be a challenging task – but it is possible with a strategic plan and a pinch of creativity. Increasing the visibility of the Erasmus+ youth projects and their impact contributes to the recognition of non-formal learning in international youth work and allows your work to be seen and appreciated by the people and groups most important for you.
The objective is to explore the concepts and benefits of working on the visibility & dissemination of European youth and community projects by means of a well elaborated communication strategy and to build a strong international network of youth organisations that work with Erasmus+ projects.

Aims and Objectives
This training course, which is going to be delivered through a series of workshops and study visits, aims at:
Understanding the importance of developing clear and well-established dissemination and exploitation plans
Appreciating the importance of creating value-driven organizations and implementing value-driven projects with multiplier effect to the community
Learning effectively the use of certain advanced sophisticated processes, tools and best practices so as to develop winning dissemination and exploitation plans that improve the quality of the projects’ impact

Training Course’s Topics
The topics that will be explored during the series of workshops are the following:
Presenting effectively. Assessment of presentation skills based on certain evaluation techniques.
The importance of horizontal teams in developing an effective project communication strategy.
The “Team Canvas.”
The role of the Design Thinking Method in developing winning Dissemination and Exploitation Plans.
Ideation Methods for creating effective Dissemination and Exploitation Plans.
The Key Parts of a Winning Dissemination Plan. The “Dissemination Plan Canvas”. Designing and Developing a winning Dissemination Plan using advanced business and communication tools.
Online and offline communication tactics.
Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing and their role for establishing “Value-Driven” Organizations.
Designing and Developing an Effective Exploitation Plan based on the “Exploitation Plan Canvas” and by using the «Note and Vote» ideation method.
Developing an Idea Pitch based on the model «Pitch like a Mastic Tree»
Developing a winning Elevator Pitch.
Self-evaluation methods for assessing presentation skills.
Development of an effective digital presentation

Participants’ Profile
This training course is aimed at youth workers, trainers, facilitators, NGO practitioners and project managers, over 24 years old, who have:
At least two (2) years of experience in implementing and/or coordinating Erasmus+ projects and running youth and community projects
Worked at least for two (2) years in one of the partner organizations (youth organisations)
Actively participated in the formation of two (2) to three (3) visibility & dissemination plans and of one (1) exploitation plan
Implemented communication/promotional tactics, using online and offline tools and techniques

Participants should be:
Fluent in written and spoken English
Willing to co-operate and work in a team
Open to new knowledge, coming from other disciplines, so as to integrate it to what they already know
Motivated to take part in this training course and to be personally interested in its topics and take this training course seriously
Motivated to disseminate the gained knowledge to their local communities
Motivated to interact with the other participants, to promote their organizations’ best practices and share their ideas for future projects in order to create new international partnerships



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