Why do we work with erasmus

Ingalicia has been for the past 15 year actively participating in the ERASMUS+ projects. We have an experienced team of social workers, investigators, digital specialists and volunteers.

If you want to collaborate with us, please feel free to contact us at: ingalicia@ingalicia.org

15 Years Experience

dedicated team

passion for youth work

fresh ideas

Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors es un proyecto que se propone de ofrecer diferentes actividades de aprendizaje no formal para entablar diálogos y debates entre los jóvenes y los representantes de instituciones responsables del cambio, con el fin de reforzar sus competencias interpersonales y convertirse en ciudadanos activos de la UE.  Los principales objetivos son: proporcionar a los jóvenes oportunidades para involucrarse y ser activos en las comunidades locales, desarrollar las habilidades interpersonales de los jóvenes y acortar distancias entre los jóvenes y los responsables de la toma de decisiones a escala local, regional, nacional y transnacional. Para lograr estos objetivos llevamos a cabo actividades de aprendizaje no formal y durante un año guiamos a un grupo de 100 participantes de entre 14 y 18 años por el camino de la participación activa.

Europe to Me - ka2

Europe to me is an Erasmus KA2 project run by 4 countries; Spain, Italy, Finland and Czech Republic. Europe to ME will allow organizations to be directly involved in the activities, who will be interviewed and will be able to contribute their personal vision on how to organize training activities that respect the environment and are sustainable; the trainers, who will participate in the research, study, analysis and content creation activities for the manual, at the same time that they will be involved in training activities with disadvantaged groups; adults, especially those at risk of social exclusion, who will be able to make their voices heard, express their feelings, comment on European policies and how organizations should act so that projects are more inclusive and more adults can participate in them Collectives.

rural plus

Rural plus - ka2

Rural plus is an Erasmus KA2 project run by 5 countries; Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Finland and Portugal. The partnership aims to create innovative training itineraries, based on successful experiences as well as on the development of methodologies that encourage participation, so that young people can develop skills and abilities in line with the times, having access to a series of opportunities. ICT sector that will allow them to increase their job opportunities as well as launch their own rural business. During the project duration we will create groups of volunteers to run local debates and promote the EU funds, create a Training of Trainers for mentors working in rural areas Creation of a training course for people interested in run a business in rural area, create of local hubs to receive training, mentoring and support to run a business. 


EUqualizer - ka2

Duration: 2 years (2022-2024)

Coordinator: Ingalicia

Partners: Arcigay Torino (Italy), Skills Zone (Malta), LFI (Finland) and Manisa Özel Eğitim Uygulama Okulu III. Kademe (Turkey). 

EUqualizer is an Erasmus+ project run by 5 countries (Spain, Malta, Finland, Turkey and Italy) in which we will tackle the problem of stereotypes. The project was created with a purpose to target educational institutions and organisations and help them bring conversation about stereotypes to different learning environments. In our project we will focus on 4 groups that need our attention: LGBT+ community, gender inequality, disability and racism.


Date - ka2

DATE is an Erasmus Key Action 2 project that will work towards the development of enhanced conception and knowledge in order to shape attitudes and promote empathy to drug abuse. The implementing partners of the project will share and discuss best practices in regards to drug awareness and prevention, utilizing their expertise and shared knowledge in the field to develop and make available a cohort of innovative tools that will contribute to holistic approaches to thwart drug abuse.

To that end, the Consortium will produce a series of interactive tools to generate a better understanding and concrete responses on the issue.

One radio erasmus - ka2

Duration: 2 years (2019-2021)

Coordinator: Ingalicia

Partners: Enjoy Sicily (Italy), SEEDS (Iceland), WOW GO Amsterdam (The Netherlands) & CGE (Germany)

One Radio Erasmus is a podcasting project run by 5 groups of youngsters from Italy, Spain, Germany, Iceland and The Netherlands. Our aim is to share with you incredible stories of fascinating people from Europe and beyond, focusing on different topics like culture, politics, art and music.