Aqui está el listado de participantes para la formación en Gdánsk!


The 6-days training course “Flipchart.Reactivation” aims at raising the awareness of youth workers/leaders  from different countries on ecology as the important aspect of modern world.  We can find ecological aspects in every activity, so why we can`t involve it into projects?
How to make an ecological project? What methods we can use? What to do with all the materials we are using in every training course? Answers for these and more questions we will find during the project.
26 people from 6 countries will take part in this training course in Gdansk, Poland. The course is aimed to prepare together  interesting and ecological methods which can be used in the all projects. We will also discuss about international programs and activities that are eco-friendly.
During the course different methods will be used: non-formal methods, discussions, group activities. The final product – ecological methods will be popularized, also ecologically. Time of the training course: 14-20th October 2012.
Participation fee is 50 EUR/person. 70% of travel costs are refunded.
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