Curso de Formación en Rep. Checa subvencionado!

Nuestros compañeros de DO SVETA nos invitan a que participemos en un curso de formación para trabajadores sociales y juveniles, profesores y/o profesionales que desean profundizar sus conocimientos y competencias, intercambiar buenas prácticas y vivir una experiencia realmente entusiasmante que nos permita poder saber más sobre como utilizar los juegos y dinamicas de grupo y porque utilizamos determinadas dinámicas para los jóvenes y nuestros grupos en general.

La formación tendrá lugar en Rep. Checa y participarán personas de diferentes Países. La salida será el 13 de agosto y la vuelta el 21.

No hay limite de edad!! Pero teneis que acreditar experiencia como profesional de la juventud o trabajador@ social.

Condiciones: 50€ de cuota de participación + el 30% de los gastos de viaje (cada participante, una vez seleccionad@, tendrá que comprar el billete y luego guardar los justificantes para que se le devuelva el 70% del total de los gastos de viaje). Pagarás la cuota de inscripción solo una vez que te comunicamos que has sido seleccionad@.

Alojamiento y comida Gratis! El curso está subvencionado por el Programa Juventud en Acción.

FECHA LIMITE: 01/08/2012


4 x 4 self-experience training in learning by experience method for work with youth “It is impossible to experience everything the world has to offer…. it is impossible to taste all the goodies, even if they are fat-free, alcohol or caffeine-free…. ….connect with roles of heroes in entertainment-program will function as a «cafe without caffeine» in your life. We call this «life-free» «lifeless»…Yes, we can taste all those stories of heroes, it’s tasty, but tasting of our own experience in the lead role… at least small story, but own……»

When: 13.8. – 21.8.2012 (13.8. the day of arrival – afternoon, 21.8. the day of departure)

Where: Czech Republic- South of Bohemia Who: CZECH REPUBLIC, HUNGARY, LITHUANIA, ITALY, ROMANIA, SPAIN – just try to join us

Target group of participants: youth workers, teachers, trainers, lecturers, professionals in programs with young people who are interested in our topic, everyone who wants to use learning by experience as a method of work and self-development.

Language: English – participants should understand and speak in English

What about: If you are working with youth you are probably you still playing games with them. The games are all around and not only Youth in Action is full of them. Often we are talking about non-formal education, but maybe we are just a consumers of games and activities. We are still using words like teambuilding, icebreaker, and energizers and so on. Do you really know what does it mean? How many experiences with games do you have? How many games have you created by yourselves? We are trying to realize a training course in Czech Republic for 9 days. And it is prepared for those who want to recognize experiential learning as a non-formal method on yourselves. First part is focused on self-development in experience. Second part is focused on theory of learning by experience and third part is about finding your own way to create games and activities. Main issues: – 8 active days with pedagogic workers and other enthusiastic people from different countries. – experience on yourselves and analyzing results, – important theory of learning by experience method – practical part of creating activities and games and targeting in games – After finishing the course you receive a certificate from Ministry of Education in Czech Republic and YOUTHPASSES – Members can develop their competences on many levels, individual, intercultural, intellectual, psycho-social and other – Sharing knowledge and experience with different cultural backgrounds

Conditions: – project is funded by YiA (youth in action), – accommodation, food and all the services during the training course are for free. – we refund 70% of your travel costs. –  part of experiences will not be comfortable :-) So be prepared. We need your physical and psychical stability. Choose if you want to join us. It could be strong touch to your soul and it could looks like a demanding on psychical level. The detail information we will send to the chosen ones participants later. Program schedule included.


About our organization: The DO SVETA NGO in a new NGO, continuing in way of PREVENT NGO in new label. It means that our association is providing training and prevention activities in the whole South Czech region. The main focus is in the primary prevention. We run an experiential courses for school children and students, educative projects for pedagogues and workers with youth and training courses for peer activist. Most of us are teachers of experiential learning method and psychotherapist. If you are interested in our project contact us by email. We will try to answer all your questions! Deadline for applying is… as soon as possible!

DEADLINE: 1/08/2012