Europol busca un project manager experto en criminologia en Holanda

La ofcina europea de policia, EUROPOL, busca un project manager para el Centro Europeo de crimen informatico con sede en la Aja, Holanda.

Entre los requisitos principales, ser licenciados en criminología o ciencias sociales, y tener experiencia en gestión.

Europol ofrece un contrato de 2 años con 9 meses de prueba, para comenzar ya.

FECHA LIMITE: 20 de julio


Puedes solicitar directamente en la página web oficial de EUROPOL

Puedes consultar la oferta AQUI

Aqui os dejamos más información:

Project Manager in the European Cyber Crime Centre EUROPOL – European Police Office The Hague, Netherlands

Applications are invited for this position at the European Police Office (Europol). Europol is located in The Hague, The Netherlands, and its main tasks are the following:

a) to collect, store, process, analyse and exchange information and intelligence;

b) to aid investigations in the Member States, in particular by forwarding all relevant information to the national units;

c) to ask the competent authorities of the Member States concerned to initiate, conduct or coordinate investigations and to suggest the setting up of joint investigation teams in specific cases;

d) to provide intelligence and analytical support to Member States in connection with major international events;

e) to prepare threat assessments, strategic analyses and general situation reports relating to its objective, including organised crime threat assessments.

Purpose of the post

The EU Commission has proposed Europol to host the European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3) which should start its activities in January 2013. The implementation of the centre is under the responsibility of the EC3 implementation team. This team will lead the activities of the EC3 programme. Under the direction of the Senior Specialist, EC3 Programme Manager, ODMO, the successful candidate will contribute to the work of the EC3 implementation team, providing project management and programme support to the EC3 programme. This position is not involved in the operational deliveries of Europol.


Tasks and responsibilities

The successful applicant will be responsible for the following tasks:

– Assist the programme in the establishment and the integration of new resources (HR, IT, Finance) in Europol;

– Analyse the practical business processes and requirements related to the EC3 programme;

– Manage internal and external projects and working groups;

– Prepare and present policy papers or reports as required in the relevant fields of competence and provide specialised briefings;

– Ensure the availability of up-to-date information for the EC3 Programme Manager/other project managers;

– Contribute to the preparation of training materials and to the delivery of specific trainings;

– Organise meetings at Europol and attend external meetings, within the area of responsibility;

– Liaise with the relevant competent authorities in the Member States and third parties involved as appropriate;

– Perform any other tasks in the area of competence as assigned by the EC3 Programme Manager.



– Be a national of one of the Member States of the European Union and enjoy full rights as a citizen;

– Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the applicable laws on military service;

– Produce appropriate character references as to his or her suitability for the performance of the duties;

– Be physically fit to perform the duties pertaining to the position;

– Produce evidence of a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the Union and a satisfactory knowledge of another language of the Union to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties.

– Have A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies preferably in the area of criminology or science studies of at least three years attested by a diploma; OR Professional training of an equivalent level in a relevant area

–  Experience in project management; in change management and in drafting policies

– Knowledge of project management methodologies; Knowledge of training design and delivery;

– Good analytical and critical thinking skills;

– Excellent communication skills in English, both orally and in writing



The successful candidate will be engaged in Function Group IV, grade 13 (EUR 3 145, 45), grade 14 (EUR 3 558, 90) or grade 16 (EUR 4 555, 99), subject to years of professional experience.

Main dates 

Deadline for application: 20 July 2012

Recruitment procedure: To be determined

Starting date of employment: As soon as possible

Application process and selection procedure

Please refer to the EUROPOL RECRUITMENT GUIDELINES available on Europol’s websitefor further details on the application process and the selection procedure.