Last Minute! Curso Erasmus+ en Portugal totalmente gratuito!

Desde el Injuve nos informan de la posibilidad de participar en un Curso sobre Erasmus+ en Portugal del 4 al 10 de Mayo 2015 para usuarios de Ingalicia (quedan pocas plazas!!).

El curso es gratuito, asi como alojamiento y viaje i/v .

The Portuguese National Agency in cooperation with the Spanish National Agency, will host the Partnership Activity “Put your hands on Work”.

This PBA aims to create a network to improve the competences of youth workers and institutions from different organizations based in Portugal and Spain, to work on the topic of the youth employment opportunities and entrepreneurship. To share experience, knowledge and skills which were needed in order to work with young unemployed people and involve them in labor market, involve them in projects of mobility and stimulate active participation through entrepreneurship.

General Objectives:
1 – Promote  strong qualitative partnerships and contents background to develop common projects in the frame of Erasmus +;
2 – Reflect on unemployment situation of youth in Europe;
2 – Improve access to information for young people and partner organizations to provide more capacity to function as spaces of contact and support for young people, especially those looking the access to European labor market, and possibilities of participation in mobility projects;
3 – Share experiences of best practices on youth unemployment in participant countries and exchange of knowledge;
4 – Encourage the creation of future projects within Erasmus+ Programme, which will target unemployed youngsters.

Non-formal educational methods will be used throughout the PBA including interactive sessions and presentations, discussions, parallel workshops, artistic sessions, working groups, information sharing, etc.

This Activity will take place in Batalha, Portugal from 4th May (arrival before the dinner) to 10th May (after the breakfast).

Costs: This project is financed by the Erasmus + Youth in Action Programme. Hosting costs will be covered by the organising National Agencies of Erasmus + Youth in Action Programme.
Sending costs will be partially covered by the sending National Agencies of E+ YiA programme.
Please contact your National Agency to learn more about the financial details, and how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses.


La ficha de inscripción  hay que enviarla a este correo: con copia a: erasmusplus.juventud@madrid.org4