Last Minute! Seminario en Cerdeña sobre técnicas para enseñar idiomas extranjeros!

Ultimas plazas para participar en un Seminario Grundtvig sobre técnicas de aprendizaje para enseñar idiomas extranjeros, que tendrá lugar en OLBIA, en la estupenda isla de Cerdeña, desde el 8 hasta el 16 de Septiembre!


El seminario está subvencionado al 100% (Gastos de viaje hasta 400€, alojamiento y comida)

Cuota de participación : 25€ a ingresar a Ingalicia.



  • El seminario está enfocado mas bien hacia los profesores o l@s que desean enseñar.
  • Los participantes deben tener al menos un B2 de inglés.
  • Motivados y con ganas de participar activamente (habrá que hacer una presentacion personal, incluso cocinar algo tipico)




Sunday 8th of September „Welcome Day“

16:00 Start Registration ( at the Hotel Restaurant – Check-in is possible earlier)

18:00 Welcome and introduction to the topic, short presentation of the hosting Organisation

19:30 Diner, Meeting point: Lobby

(If you arrive later, please let us know, we will pick you up at the Hotel)

Monday 9th of September „Get-to-know-each-other-day“

9:30 Introduction to the course and the organisers

11:00 World Cafe

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Poster Presentation on the participants

16:30 Closing of day 2

Tuesday 10th of September

10:00 Meeting at Hotel Lobby

11:00 Nfe:new perspective for teaching foreign language

13:45 Lunch

14:30 Immigrants conditions in Sardinia

16:30 Closing of day 3

Wednesday, 11th of September

9:00 Meeting at the Hotel Lobby “The nfe methods as a tool for teaching foreing languages” debate and role play

10:00 “Cultural animation – a practical approach” – local community projects, (meeting

with the students/immigrants from the Association“Labint”)

13:30 Lunch

Afternoon Self-organised street interviews in Central Olbia.

Thursday, 12th of September

9:00 Meeting at the Hotel Lobby

10:00 “Pedagogical methods for inspired teachers: new perspective” –workshop

11:00 Simulation of a typical classroom: main difficulties and how we can use the nfe for facilitating the communication among the learners

13.30 Lunch

14:00 Debriefing and analysis

16:30 Closing of day 3

Friday 13th of September

10:00 “ The importance of nfe applied to a multicultural class room: benifits and methods of actively include learners in the educational process”

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Football intercultural match: learners vs teachers : Sport as a tool for intercultural learning

15:30 Debriefing and analysis

16:30 End of day 4

Saturday, 14th of September

10:00 «Nfe approaches: how to facilitate the learning process in a multicultural and multiracial class». Body Language Workshop

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Presentation on European mobility programmes

15:30 Evaluation and Wrap Up

16:30 End of day 5

Sunday 15th of September

10:00 » In theri shoes:how do you feel like a learners? Which are your pedagogical

needs?» ( Golden fish method)

13:00 Lunch

14:30 NFE and formal education: Swot analysis

15:30 Evaluation

16:30 End of day 6

In the evening Goodbye Diner

Monday 16th of September “Departure day”



All activities must be done by  non-formal approach, learning-by-doing, group work,
interactive, non-frontal.

Intercultural evening:

Each group should prepare a presentation of their culture (not country) at the intercultural evening.
So prepare a presentation of your culture, bring food, drinks, maps, flags, brochures, etc…

We encourage you to cook something – the kitchen in the guesthouse will be available.

Costs of your presentation will not be reimbursed, try finding your local sponsors, donators, etc.



Envia tu CV y Carta motivacional en inglés a especificando en el asunto del correo seminario.cerdeña.nombres.apellidos