Lat minute!!SVE en Poznan en un centro de Información juveníl

Hola Amig@s!

Una entidad polaca nuestra amiga busca URGENTEMENTE un/a voluntari@ europeo para su centro de información juvenil en Poznan.

El proyecto deberia comenzar a principios de Noviembre y tiene una duracción de 10 meses.

Entre los principales requisitos tener mucha motivación, ser propositivo y sociable, tener un nivel de inglés intermedio y por supuesto tener disponibilidad para salir en Noviembre.


OWA has its office in the centre Poznan – the capital of Wielkopolska region. Poznan is located in between East and West, if using the terminology popular after the Second World War This is very dynamic and rapidly developing city with a big student community NGOs working in various areas and fields. The combination of business and student-like atmosphere makes the place unique and opens many possibilities to work and enjoy the free time. This location makes it easier to organise activities for international volunteers as well as for people from all over Poland.The dynamism of the city is reflected in the demands and attendance of target groups to projects orgnaised.
During the stay, the volunteer will have possibility to take part in an international voluntary activity around Poland. Those volunteers who will go to our local partners outside Poznan, will have a chance to live through a great experience of modern cities, beautiful small towns and old fashion countryside.


Our EVS projects are developed in cooperation with the volunteers and partners.
The activities of the project can include:
Implementation of educational measures such as workshops on the chosen subject, i.e. ref peace education, intercultural
learning, Gender
Involvment in a local working group aiming at implementation of local initiatives (Day Against racial dscrimination, ,KinOWAcinema for developement)
Contacting NGOs and individual volunteers from Poznan and surroundings to provide them with information about volunteering, Preparing and leading national and international projects, such as International summer camps,
EVS work as part of a team with staff and Polish volunteers: the Volunteers are provided with content-related, didactic, technical and personal developement supporting measures.
Learning opportunities are:
Work in an international team and learn European citizenship in practice
Learn how to plan and organize their work
Acquire knowledge on peace education, volunteers’ actions, Gender.
Learn to work in a team and as a leader
In the frame of the project volunteer have the opportunity to get involved in activities which are most suitable for him / her according to his / her skills and knowledge as well as to the skills he / she wants to develop. These activities are defined with the support of the project coordinator and work supervisor.
The work takes place mainly in Poznan, but some of the activities require to to travel outside of the city.


Stowarzyszenie “Jeden ´S wiat”/One World Association (OWA) has been working in the field of European Voluntary Service (EVS) since 1998 as a hosting, sending and coordinating organisation of short and long term projects. In the line of our mission of Peace and mutual understanding promotion we see international volunteerism as an added value to the projects and volunteerism developement. We noticed a big need among volunteers to go abroad and to do something useful for different communities. What’s more, various organistations and institutions contacted us to involve them in voluntary projects. Thanks to our experience we can support our local partners and join their need of hosting international volunteers with need and expectations of volunteers. We hope to encourage more organisations and institutions to open EVS places as well as to support all youngof people to gain new experience within this programme. Part of OWA ongoing activities, the EVS projects aim at:
•increasing the quality of the volunteering projects realized in Poland and the participating countries
•promoting the idea of becoming a volunteer, active member of the society, by organizing, facilitating and joining projects of public utility
•raising awareness for peace related values, solidarity, tolerance, respect for diversity and non-discrimination as a basic need for living together in peace
•Increasing the number of fewer opportunities and physically disabled youth actively using the opportunity of becoming EVS volunteer.



Cubre y envía a la ficha que puedes encontrar AQUI (no es necesario enviarnosla por correo postal ni firmar ni adjuntar seguro medico) especificando en el asunto del mal, pena la exclusión, «SVE Poznan.Nombre.Apellidos»

RECUERDA que si no tienes disponibilidad para salir en 15 dias y no puedes quedarte 10 meses en el extranjero quizás esta no sea tu oferta, habrá más en futuro)