Managing my organization – managing myself. Formación no formal en Suiza

Managing my organization – managing myself

Training course

27 November – 2 December 2012 | Boltigen, Switzerland

‘A training course to support youth work organizations and institutions to improve their work structures and quality as well as the quality of life of the manager simultaneously

Exchange of best practices, non-formal, and interactive working space: This training course empowers youth workers, managers and directors of youth organisations to define their needs, potential and fields of development in their working environment in order to provide youth work quality on a regional, national and international level

To provide the opportunity for organizations to meet and exchange best practices and ideas

To reflect on the challenges faced and to provide possible solutions/ideas/tools that can enable participants to handle these challenges in the best way possible

To develop together strategies which fulfill the explored needs of each participating organization

To honestly and openly reflect on the reasons for stress, overwork, burnout, being «the only one», financial difficulties, personnel lacks and communication challenges in order to find viable and sustainable solutions

To find ways to maximize productivity, efficiency, motivation, teamwork, promotion, sense of «ownership» by volunteers and employees and financial resources.

To support NGO managers in exploring was to build personal resources and maintain a balanced life

To discuss the similarities and differences related to NGO management in relation to the varying realities of the participating countries

To develop structures that enables the participating organizations to provide quality youth work in a regional, national and international level, according to the required standards of programs such as YOUTH IN ACTION


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