Oferta Eures: Enfermer@s para Alemania

Después de haberse terminado con exito las otras convocatorias del programa «migración» promovido por el Gobierno de Alemania, para enero 2014 esta prevista una nueva edicción de este Proyecto que prevé la contratación de enefermer@s cualificados sin necesidad de tener conocimientos altos de alemán ya que el proyecto cubre los gastos de preparación linguistica en Alemania que se desarrollará durante los primeros 5 meses de tu estancia.
El sueldo mensual es de unos 1000€ brutos y el alojamiento ofertado tiene un precio de 240€ mensuales. Una vez finalizado el año, si tu nivel de alemán es el adecuado y has destacado como trabajador tendrás un contrato indefinido con un sueldo de 2500€ mensuales brutos.
A Continuación mas informaciones sobre el proyecto y la oferta en concreto:
In January 2014 we will start again our project called “Migrationsproject”.
This project affords the chance that your foreign qualification will be officially accredited in Germany after you have achieved the B2-level of the German language in about one year.
We are looking for qualified nurses who are committed to their job. Are you interested in taking part in our Migrationsproject?
Some general information about our Migrationsproject:
In the first 5 months you will attend four days a week a German language course in the city of Stuttgart with the objective of passing the B1-Test. One day per week, you will do an internship in one of our elderly homes.
– During this time you have the possibility to live in a simple dormitory in the center of Stuttgart (address: Johannesstraße 4, 70176 Stuttgart) with a common kitchen for self–catering. If you prefer another accommodation in Stuttgart, you may look for one by your own.
– There is a pedagogue available if you need help with personal things or administrations.
After 5 months you will work in one of our elderly homes which are spread in Baden-Wuerttemberg. There you will have practical training and you improve your language skills in everyday life. During this time you will continue a language course by the week until the level B2.
– Before this time you will look for and move to an accommodation close to the elderly home where you are going to work.
– We offer a salary of 1.000 EUR gross (ca. 770 EUR net, including German health insurance). The monthly rent of our dormitory amounts to 240 EUR.
– After about one year, if you achieved the B2-level of the German language, we make application for the accreditation of your foreign qualification in Germany. With this qualification you get a permanent contract at the Evangelische Heimstiftung with the same salary as the German nurses (ca. 2500 EUR gross)
– The participants of the Migrationsproject will have to pay back a little part of the total costs up to 4.000 Euros.
– If you work after the Migrationsproject as a nurse for the Evangelische Heim- stiftung the repayment requirement drops with every month. If you work for 24 months you will not have to pay anything back.
We have made already good experience with this project with qualified nurses from Portugal, Spain and Italy. The first group has finished in December 2012 and we now start our 4th group.
These are the functions of a nurse in Germany:
Nurses are responsible for the basic nursing and technical nursing. Therefore they cooperate with the doctor and the pharmacies. They also stay in close contact with the families and the carers of the patients. Another important point
is the documentary of the biography, medical history and planning of care.
On November 27th and 28th 2013 there will be job interviews for our Migrationsproject in Stuttgart, Germany. They take place in one of our nursing homes, called “Lutherstift” (address: Silberburgstraße 27, 70176 Stuttgart). In addition to the job interview you have the possibility to see a german nursing home and the dormitory that is outlined above.
If you are interested, please send an e-mail as soon as possible to:
including a letter with yourmotivation for this project and your certificate
Very Important:
Please write your email with reference to “Frau Fries/Evangelische Heimstiftung”, so that we are able to assign your e-mail