Ofertas de empleo Eures como Cociner@ en Paises Nordicos

Interesante oferta de Empleo gestionada por el portal EURES para cocineros que desean probar una experiencia labora en el extranjero, en este caso en paises del Norte de Europa.

Aqui las informaciones.
Duties and responsibilities
• Preparation of meals in cooperation with the Sous Chef and Head Chef
• Responsible for the clean and tidy kitchen after shifts
• Responsible for keeping order within the food storage area.
• Manage delivery of goods and stock.
• Prepare meals in accordance with procedures and profitability targets that have been set.
• Responsible for having read and understood the work routines and health and safety in the hotel kitchen
• Menu planning and beverage offerings.
• Contributes to all leftover food being handled properly according to procedure
Necessary skills, knowledge, certification, training:
• Basic knowledge of cuisine and cooking methods
• Basic baking methods and knowledge of basic bread dough
• Service/hospitality
• Team player
• Ensure cleanlinessat all times, food safety and all other Health and Safety matters are adhered to so as not to breach
HACCP regulations
• Basic knowledge of cash management and managing the till
• Ability to meet guests with special needs such as common food allergies and diets
• Basic knowledge of waiting on table
• Sound knowledge of food production both advanced cuisine as well as traditional meals
• Sound knowledge of budgeting, cost management, pricing and upsales
• Nutritional Knowledge, basic nutrition, nutrition calculation of meals, vegetarian diets and contemporary diets
• Sound knowledge of kitchen utensil handling and basic safety

Personal characteristics to succeed in this role:
• Team player
• Orderly and structured
• Efficient
• Able to work under pressure
• Passionate about food
• Flexible and adaptable to different work situations

Able bodied and can work standing over longer periods of time
Manage long shifts
Sound knowledge of the English language

Approved chef training or culinary schooling


Interested? Please send your CV in English with an application letter explaining your main cooking skills to peter.karancsi@arbetformedlingen.se with copy to eures.nordicos@sepe.es

Como preparar un CV y application letter “Swedish style”: http://goo.gl/mQXTBF, yhttp://goo.gl/O7r3Ej