About Ingalicia (the coordinator)

The Ingalicia Cultural Association was officially born in 2007 to promote a spirit and community integration, and increase the knowledge of European culture between young people. From here Ingalicia is presented as a tool to help and support the realisation of professional internships, youth exchanges, volunteering, training course, learning different languages ​​and improving the knowledge of the European labour system.
Our main activities revolve around the organisation of visits and meetings, European planning for public bodies regarding youth policies, sports, local economic development, culture and cooperation with underdeveloped countries. We believe that the transnational experience could offer young people the possibility of growing within a European dimension thanks to their personal and professional skills, so that they can be the protagonists of the European future.
Ingalicia promotes different activities and projects, mainly in the field of European programs with ERASMUS + (European Voluntary Service; Youth with Europe: Youth Exchanges, National Youth Initiatives, Youth Workers Mobility, Internships, etc.), and others, with the following purpose : offer young people the possibility of accessing mobility programs in school, professional and cultural settings to increase understanding between different cultures and systems; promote the encounter between cultures and linguistic deepening in a local context, thus favouring dynamics of learning and intercultural knowledge; promote responsibility and active participation of young people in society.


  • Organise language courses in our office for people with fewer opportunities
  • Take part in our web radio creating radio shows and podcast
  • Create methodological tools to improve the education system
  • Write articles and promote Erasmus+ and ESC using our social networks and in workshops

About the European Information Point

The EIP is to provide European citizens with general information on the European Union. Other aims include the answering of questions on political activities of the European Union and promoting European integration. Advice and practical tips on rights entitled to Union citizens are provided.

Inquiries, in any of the current 24 official languages, are processed in a central contact point and answered in the same language.The customer service staff must be fluent in at least three languages and have a university degree.

EIP support is available via telephone (free of charge within the EU and on a uniform number), e-mail or web-chat. The network of EU-wide 500 information centres are open to the public. These centres are run by national or private organisations under a public contract. They are co-funded by the European Commission.


  • replies to questions on European legislation, policies and institutions;
  • information on European funding and partner searches for European projects;
  • documents and publications on the EU;
  • activities of information and awareness on the European Union;
  • collaboration in the framework of informative actions on the European Union

About the Web Radio 

The theatre host company is a youth theatre company in 2008 as a result of the concerns of a group of students who wanted to do theatre in their institute.The project began in principle as a school theatre group has been growing over the years, and that small group is now one of the most recognised national and international youth theatre companies in the world of theatre.She currently has a stable schedule with an annual tour that takes her to the most prestigious theatres in Spain and abroad and with more than 10,000 people per season, we can talk about a solid and recognised company within the Spanish youth theatre. This whole learning process begins with the actors and actresses who want to perform theatre and come with a vocation and desire to perform dramatic art, separating the theatre of the Institute (our house) from the extracurricular activity and functioning as a theatre company. more professionally possible within the standards of youth theatre. We are looking for two volunteer profiles: one who wants to collaborate with the other actors in performing the different plays and another who can perform the work of sound technician, electrician, or who knows how to sew, paint or have creative abilities. It can be the same volunteer profile or one of the two.

We are looking for two volunteer profiles: one who wants to collaborate with the other actors in performing the different plays and another who can perform the work of sound technician, electrician, or who knows how to sew, paint or have creative abilities. It can be the same volunteer profile or one of the two25/30 hours per week. In the same city centre. No local transport needed.

About the No Code School  

is a nature school project, without formal classes or walls, only forest, park and sea. Here children learn and study using their creativity and organising their time. We believe that one of the biggest problems we face in «civilised» society is the denaturation of life. We grow in a society far from the natural environment, we have stopped being animals to be human beings, and with this, we have placed ourselves above natural life, we have lost our biological essence. We move away from suffering, old age, the germ of life and death. With the desire to protect children we move away from the vital reality, from the natural cycle. We are human beings, but we are also animals. Denying it leaves us helpless before a hostile nature. Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente was astonished to discover the happiness of primitive tribes, their innocence, their well-being. He associated it with its harmony with the environment. Nowadays children suffer “house arrest” and they start talking about a deficit disorder of nature, not as a medical diagnosis, but as a set of disorders associated with the lack of outdoor activities. We are looking for a volunteer who can collaborate in the daily tasks of cooking, carpentry, painting, outdoor activities and any help that may be useful to the school. We are not looking for teachers, only people with creative spirit and skills to perform creative activities.

About the Volleyball and Nature project

The volunteer will be able to collaborate in our volleyball project for children with few resources, participating in weekly classes and games, as well as organizing sessions at institutes and workshops on healthy living habits, sustainable food and sports in nature. The volunteer will also participate in the organization of a pioneering activity in Spain, carry out the Camino de Santiago to write with audio, video and newsletter her experience during it, interview other pilgrims, talk with locals, seek inspiration for new projects and spread knowledge as well as identifying needs to improve the experience of the road even more. During the trip, the volunteer will collect the garbage that she will find to denounce the need to take care of the planet, asking other pilgrims to do the same.

We are looking for a physically trained person, prepared to face long walks and workouts, who loves sports, leads a healthy lifestyle and wants to share these qualities and virtues with other people.

In addition, all volunteers collaborate with the activities that Ingalicia organizes each year at the local level, such as talks in institutes and town halls to promote European programs (Erasmus + and CES), the organization of Politics classes, a politics school for women. young people from Spain, participation in fairs and other European projects, collaborating in promotional and logistics activities.


If you are reading now it means it is the perfect time to apply, send us your CV (not Europass, please) and Motivation Letter specifying in which of these 3 projects you wish to be included. The email to send your CV and Motivation letter is: (valentina)