Práctica remunerada de 3-6 meses en Berlín

Transparency International is the Secretariat to the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC). Held every two years in a different part of the world and overseen by the IACC Council, the Conference is the world’s most important event for all who are committed to the fight against corruption.

Gathering more than 1.5 thousand participants from more than 140 Countries, the conference is a vibrant and proactive platform for innovation and change.

Now in its 15th edition, the next IACC will take place in Brazil, November 2012.

The theme for the conference is Mobilising People: Connecting Agents of Change.

The work of the IACC Team includes:

Designing the agenda for the conference, managing a large international group of stakeholders, and designing up to 50 dynamic workshops and 5 high level plenary sessions, overseeing the implementation of Conference preparations through an event management team in Brazil, and serving as the secretariat to the IACC Council and Programme Committee (a group of experts and practitioners).


Terms of appointment: Duration: 3 to 6 months

Starting date: As soon as possible

Location: TI’s Secretariat, Berlin, Germany

Salary: 400 Euro per month gross/net

Description of internship

The successful candidate will be tasked with enhancing and implementing the IACC viral marketing strategy, in order to ensure that all stakeholders are informed about this important event.

Reaching out to specific organisations and engaging new audiences in the themes the IACC addresses is central to the position.

We are looking for an avid technology user with an understanding of trends across all types of media.

In particular we are looking for candidates with:

  • A university degree, or equivalent qualification, in Communications, Journalism, Social Science or related field
  • Experience in Communications, Social media, Public Relations
  • Excellent computer skills, particularly Microsoft Word, Excel, Access
  • Extensive experience in Content Management Systems (Expression Engine and WordPress is a plus)
  • Knowledge about the latest trends in social media tools
  • Experience with Google Optimisation and online marketing
  • A commitment to fully contribute to the workings of the department * Native English speaker with excellent writing skills
  • A second language (Spanish or Portuguese are a plus)

Primary responsibilities:

  • Contribute to and implement the IACC viral marketing campaign
  • Engage new audiences through the IACC social media tools
  • Monitor and increase IACC press coverage
  • Draft thematic articles for the IACC website
  • Create targeted ads for the IACC facebook campaign
  • Write for the IACC monthly newsletter
  • Write for the IACC blog
  • Create an IACC thematic picture repository
  • Create and maintain the IACC contacts database
  • Actively contribute to the creativity of the department’s work

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