SVE de 4 meses en Polonia a partir de Septiembre

Europejskie Forum Młodzieży (EFM) is looking for EVS long term volunteer for 4 months from Spain under ERASMUS+ programme who will be volunteering in an integration school in Klodzko Poland from September 2016.

Zespol Szkol Integracyjnych im Jana Pawla II

A school engaged in the education of disabled and non-disabled children. We have just under 300 pupils aged between around 5 and 15 and we employ around 40 teachers. The school’s daily activities start at 7 a.m. and end about 4 p.m. Our pupils work in integrated and non-integrated classes. There are classroom support teachers to take care of the disabled pupils during lessons and breaks in the integrated classes. The integrated classes have around 20 pupils and the others are larger. The school building is located on the outskirts of Klodzko, near the school there is a bus stop, which can make easier the journey to the center of town. For the school it is very important to work with volunteers as the volunteers bring language skills, interests and creativity from their own culture to the pupils in school.

For more information, follow the link:

Coordinating organization

Europejskie Forum Młodzieży (EFM)/European Youth Forum

Was founded in 1994 by the youth of the Ziemia Kłodzka region that was interested in European integration, social activities and local democracy. EFM was registered as an association in 1995.Currently, EFM is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization which aims at implementing different projects for youngsters. The organization is both active at local, national, European and intercontinental level. The general aim of EFM is to spread the impact of its projects beyond Poland’s border. Our activities include workshops and trainings, international youth exchanges, European Voluntary Service, national and trans-national youth initiatives, conferences, seminars, job shadowing, study visits, feasibility visits, open air events designed to young people and the local communities, non-formal educational work camps for Polish youngsters. For more information see our website and Facebook page


 Some basic informtion about your life in Poland J

The EFM organization is located in a small provintial, but very beautiful town Bystrzyca Klodzka, in picturesque Lower Silesia. Lower Silesia region is about so much more than beautiful  nature, you can find here culture heritage and nice helpful people everywhere. Your venue will be located near such beautiful towns as Wroclaw and Klodzko. For those who loves activily spend their time in nature especially in mountain area will be great to visit Miedzygorze village.


Długopole Górne 79

57-520 Długopole Zdrój

tel.: +48748110223

Mobile: +48724930033

• Accommodation will be in double rooms. Bedding will be provided. Please take with you towels. In the accommodation place are shared bathrooms on the corridor.

•The volunteer has to pay 100 PLN as a guarantee for the room and key at the beginning of the project. At the end of the project we are giving back the guarantee, in the moment that we receive the key and if there is no damage in the room.

•The building has FREE wireless internet that you can use with your own devices.

• We highly recomend you bring along suitable clothes and shoes for staying in countryside.  Remember that in Poland will be autumn and winter J



Wrocław Airport “Copernicus “

You have to take bus, number 406 from Wroclaw Airport to Wroclaw railway station (Wroclaw Glowny). The last stop of bus 406 is Dworcowa. You have to go out and you will see big orange building – this is a main railway station of Wroclaw (Wroclaw Glowny).

Then from the Railway Station (Wrocław Glowny) you have direct train to Kłodzko, Bystrzyca Klodzka and Domaszkow.


The train ticket costs around 22.00 PLN.

Please don’t forget to change euro or your currency for polish zloty (PLN)

Here you have link of the timetable of the train:


Prague Airport “Ruzyně“

You must take the bus 119 from the Airport to Dejvice wich is the name of Metro station LINE A (Green) then you must change to LINE C (Red One) and exit at the Hlavny Nadazi which is the Central Railway Station of Praha.


You can also take direct bus from Praha Aiport to Praha railway station – Airport Express Bus. The bus is going from Terminal 1 (exit D) and Terminal 2 (exit E). A fare of CZK 60 is charged on this route.

You have train connection from Praha to Domaszkow (we take you from there to Kłodzko).

Ticket prize is around 400 CZK (Czech Krone) which is approximately 20 Euro.

Please don’t forget to change euro or your currency for Czech Krone (CZK)

Here you have link of the timetable of the train:

Don’t worry if you will not catch the last train from Praha to Domaszkow which is at 16:51 p.m.

You can always arrive to Lichkov which is the last Czech train station before polish border.

In the same website you will find information according train connection from Praha to Lichkov.


There is no direct train from Praha to Domaszkow or Lichkov. You have to change the train one or two times. Please follow the information from the train website.

You have to know that the railway station of Domaszkow and Lichkov is very small and sometimes is difficult to see the sign of the town but we hope it will be no problem to find Domaszkow or Lichkov J. We will recognize you without any problem J

When you will know the exact hour of arrival to Lichkov or Domaszkow let us know as soon as possible, we will arrange someone to pick you up. Please remember that Lichkov is around 40 km far from our place and we need time to get to the railway station.

Please send message when you

will be in the train to:

 0048 781 060 840 – Magdalena Szabunio

 0048 724 930 033 – Marzena Pitus

What to take?

• Please take with you materials for presentation of the country (national dress, pictures, flag, music, etc .)

• Cloths suitable for the weather (weatherproof jackets, good shoes for outdoor activities, etc.) If you are staying longer them one month please remember that in Poland we have 4 seasons and if your project is for 6- 10 months, you will be here also during spring, summer, autumn and winter.

• Don’t forget to collect all boarding passes, tickets and invoices that you’ll use in your entire travel (we need this for the financial report to Polish National Agency.)

For inspiration and encouragement some nice moments from our previous volunteers in pictures J

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