SVE en Austria a partir de Septiembre

Otra interesante oferta de SVE en Austria en una entidad amiga donde ya enviamos voluntarios. El SVE será a partir de septiembre, con una duración de 12 meses, para colaborar con la asociacion que trabaja con personas de 20 hasta 70 años.

Recuerda que para participar a esta oferta no es suficiente con enviar tu CV y Carta de Motivacion, sino que tienes que cubrir y enviar tambien el formulario de solicitud que encontrarás mas abajo.

1 Vacancy for “Cultural Baking Innsbruck @ Bäckerei 2014”


 The staff members of “Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube” are looking for 1 EVS-volunteer who wants to support their team in 2014 and 2015. The target group of “Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube” are people aged 20 – 70 years who are interested in arts & culture.

The Host Organisation:

“Die Bäckerei” is an old former bakery and had not been used for ten years, until 2010. It has now become a successful platform for cultural exchange and should give the possibility to communicate about different themes, themes of interest, knowledge and know-how etc. It is also a place of experimenting, offering an easy-to-use frame to try out things in the location of 1000m2 space. It should not be just a place to rent for events. The goal is to support people in transforming their ideas into reality and to arrange events together. The idea also is to mix groups of interests and genres and different ages (also in double-events) to create a situation which is not very common but very interesting in the sense of communication, exchange and also networking. The aim is to get the people to participate and take part in events, workshops, concerts etc., in order to spread the idea of open arts and culture also among everybody.

Find more information about “Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube” on their webpage  and on the EC-database: .

Service time: September 2014 – September 2015 (Duration: 12 Months)

Profile of the EVS-volunteer:

We would be happy to host a volunteer who

  • is between 18 and 30 years old
  • shows interest in arts and culture
  • is open-minded, flexible, friendly and communicative
  • has computer knowledge, like using internet
  • practical handcraft skills would be appreciated
  • English knowledge is necessary because of international cultural contacts
  • is willing to find out about her/his skills in little projects (supported or self-independently, depending on the volunteer)

Tasks & Activities:

  • The volunteer will be guided in all of her/his tasks, he/she will be part of the team at Die Bäckerei
  • The volunteer will have the chance to accompany our organizers through cultural events. The aim is to have good working events as a result. We try to find a perfect solution for every specific event together in talks with the organizers and guide them through the preparation and the event e.g. advices in capacity, place, what to think about, technic, how to organize the course of the event).
  • Documentation work: to take pictures of events, workshops, report about the event on our blog and on our webpage
  • Office work: developing ideas with the team – to learn from staff members and to bring in his/her own topics, to learn how to implement an idea – active participation of the volunteer is welcome.
  • Possibility to cook once a week for all involved members of „Die Bäckerei“ as an intercultural and social act (this is up to the volunteer)
  • Tool-workshop project (up to the volunteer)– to work together on topics which are needed; handicraft skills can be developed
  • Participating at regular team meetings (weekly, or more often)
  • Open space for Volunteers: depending on the volunteer’s preferences, he/she could organize e.g. a cultural event guided with intern help.
  • Assist and co-organise an information-workshop  “how to do a good event” ( do’s and don’ts – collecting knowledge, and give it to a third party)

Working in the field of arts & culture means needing to be flexible sometimes, being ready not to have a strict weekly schedule and to accept working hours also in the evenings. Occasionally the volunteer’s work might exceed the working-hours limit (35h). In such cases, of course, the volunteer will get additional free time.

“Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube” is situated in Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol in Austria.


Envia tu CV, Carta de motivacion y Application Form (puedes descargarla AQUI) a :

Contact person: Mr. Christoph Grud.

Solo las solicitudes completas serán evaluadas.


Para más información contacta con la entidad coordinadora: