Training course Let´s be Digital Multipliers!

6- 15 November (10Days) in Linz/Austria!

This Training Course will bring 24 people from diverse European backgrounds. The primary focus of the Training will be analysing the topical subject related to Digital Divide and Digital Integration (E-exclusion vs E-inclusion). This TC will analyse the global inequitable media access because of social inequality (educational deficit, migration background, disability) and its consequences.

Extra info:

The training is based on practical work on Performance and digital media. Activities will include working in groups and having a practical experience performing in Linz as a result of the work done and as an important learning opportunity for the participants.

Language of instruction: English


  • Between 18- 30 years old
  • Motivated on the topic
  • Experienced in using performance, video or digital devices as means of personal expression
  • Able to use English as a working language
  • Ready to fulfill an active and open role in the training
  • Able to attend the full duration of the training


70% of the travel costs for selected participants are covered by the project, and they will be reimbursed during the project. Participants should cover the remaining 30% of travel cost. Participant fee: 30€.

How to apply:

Please send the application letter to

Deadline to apply: September, 15