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We are able to host participants from PLM , IVT and/or VETPRO programes as Erasmus+.

Our Accreditation Number (Only for EVS) is: 2015-1-ES02-KA110-007325

Our PIC CODE is:948950128


Ingalicia can offer the following services in La Coruña, Madrid and Alicante:

  • Monitoring the development of the project step by step;
  • Accommodation in shared and fully equipped apartments in La Coruña, Madrid or Alicante;
  • Constant evaluation and monitoring of all participants;
  • Coordinating and managing overall project with financial process;
  • Pedagogical/cultural/linguistic training at the arrival;
  • Organizing accommodation (shared appartment fully equipped), local transport and airport transfer;
  • Organization of internships in partnership with the employer (agreements with companies and institutions to be held in stages, setting the stage plan);
  • Presentation of a final report and dissemination of results;
  • Collaborate in the preparation of the Europass Mobility;


  • Administration, Management, Human Reourcs and Secretary;
  • Agriculture, winemaking and viticulture;
  • Agro tourism, Alternative tourism, Hospitality (Hotels..) and Catering (Restaurant…);
  • Food and Cooking;
  • Environment;
  • Health & Social Care;
  • Information technology (software and hardware) Multimedia;
  • Graphic design;
  • Insurances;
  • Law;
  • Psycology;
  • Sports and leisure;
  • Social work;
  • Commerce;
  • Graphic design;
  • Engineering;
  • Marketing and Advertising.


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