Voluntariado de 11 meses en Letonia para cordinar actividades de ocio y música

Volunteers profile:
One volunteer interested and experienced in music
One volunteer interested and experienced in creative workshop, handicrafts and other creative activities

Project duration is 13 months from 01/03/2013 – 1/ 04/2014.
Volunteers will be hosted from 01.04.2013 – 01.03.2014 (11 months)

Short idea and description of the project …
Bring two different personalities (volunteers) – one music and other creative workshop person – to a small town Gulbene (around 9 000 inhabitants) and to create for them save and motivated space for their artistic and creative activities together with local youngsters. Main task for the volunteers will be to organize weekly (at least once in a week) a workshop for local youngsters based on their skills – music or creative workshop.

Moreover there will be some bigger activities during the project when volunteers will be asked to take part – to plan, to prepare and to implement the activities together with youth center workers and youngsters. Volunteer will have some official events and some optional (both volunteers can choose whether in preparing these “big” events together or separately).

Planned “big” activities:

1)     European day (May);

2)     Musical days (day-camp) for kids (1 working week in June, July and August)

2) Youth day (July)

3) Youth center “Baze” anniversary (September)

4) Autumn school holidays (1 week in October)

5) Latvian National holidays (November 11 and 18)

6) Annual Youth Award Ceremony (January)

7) Closing party of the project (February)

We are searching for …
– 1 person who has knowledge and experience in organizing different creative workshops such as handicrafts, arts, second-hand use workshop etc.
– 1 person who has knowledge and experience in music – playing instruments, teaching skills,

– We are not searching for professionals in both fields but the volunteers who love music, art, working and using his/ her hands and are ready to work and share their skills with local youngsters.

 – We prefer to have volunteers who are ready to lead the structured workshops, but at the same time ready to leave space for spontaneous and crazy ideas to implement together with local youth.

– Enthusiastic, easy going, communicable and responsible volunteers are welcomed in our youth worker team! He/she has to have good time planning abilities.

What to do?

If your profile fits to the one we are searching please contact the person who send you this vacancy or contact directly the project coordinator Liene Dembovska liene@gulbene.lv. Mobile: +371 28640402.

We would like to read your CV and motivation letter till 25th of September, 2012.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate and contact us!