1 participante para un seminario sobre SVE en Turin!

Desde ingalicia os invitamos a participar a este interesante seminario 4.3 del Programa Juventud en Acción (puedes saber más sobre la Acción 4.3 pinchando AQUI) que se desarrollará en Turín (Italia) desde el 6 hasta el 10 de Noviembre.

El encuentro está particularmente enfocado hacia las personas interesadas en el mundo SVE, bien porque quisieran hacerlo en futuro (o ya lo han echo), bien porque representan organizaciónes/instituciones que se quieren acreditar para enviar/acoger voluntarios SVE en futuro.

No es necesario estar trabajando.



Viaje: Cubierto al 70% por el programa Juventud en Acción (deberás comprar el billete y te devolverán el 70% al entregar las tarjetas de embarque de ida y vuelta)

Alojamiento y Comida: Cubiertos al 100% por el programa Juventud en Acció




“Back to the future… for quality in EVS

6 – 10 November 2013

Torino – Italia

For organizations that are working with the European Voluntary Service and would like to widen their contacts with the goal of a quality cooperation in the new Youth in Action Program.


  • getting to know each other: the participants will have the opportunity to meet with their prospective partners
  • networking: to bring together people working in the same field
  • building partnerships for the new program
  • intercultural learning: to create atmosphere of common understanding between people representing different cultures, working styles
  • transfer of knowledge and experience: to provide knowledge about possibilities for a future cooperation between the organizations, to share the experience and best practices from running / realized projects.

By bringing together representatives of Sending and Hosting Organizations from different European countries the seminar aims at identify a shared version of the Activity Agreement and define a quality commitment to build a network of partnership to start to work with the new program in the best way!
This seminar will go deeper into subjects that are closely linked to EVS, such as: tutorship competences, communication between partners, reliability of each organisation, relation between tutor – mentor – volunteer and sending organisation, roles and responsabilities of each one within the new Programme rules.
The participants will be actively involved in every activity of the seminar, they will have the possibility to get to know each other, the projects, to make contacts / partnerships, to exchange ideas, experiences, practices through conversations, presentations, workshops.

Target group:
Youth workers that are actively / directly involved in the activities of the EVS host / sending organizations.
The participants should have some experience in EVS and be able to speak English.

We’ll host one or two representative from 11 organizations coming from 9 different countries.


There will be an intercultural evening, so we ask you to bring some typical food or drinks form your place, some music and other things that you think that can be interesting.


We will have a presentation of all your organizations so we ask you to bring all kind of materials and information that you think can be useful for that.


The arrival day is the 6th of November in the morning and the date of departure it will be the 10th of November in the afternoon.
The Seminar will start in the first afternoon of the 6th of November and it will finish the 10th of November after lunch so it will be not possible to arrive after the 6th or leave before the 10th of November.
You could arrive on the 5th of November or leave on the 11th only if you show that the flight connections we’ll be cheaper and the timetable will be better than the 6th or the 10th, keep in mind that our NA doesn’t reimburse travel costs with other dates!

To join the seminar you can flight to Torino airport or to Milano airports, I will send you soon an email with all the information about how to arrive to Torino from each Milan airport (Malpensa, Linate or Bergamo Orio el Serio), BUT PLEASE DON’T BUY ANY TICKET BEFORE OUR APPROVAL OF THE FLIGHT OPTION YOU FOUND OK?



Envia tu CV Y CARTA MOTIVACIONAL A sve@ingalicia.org especificando en el asunto del correo: seminario.turin.nombre.apellidos