2 proyectos SVE en Polonia

Os presentamos 2 nuevos proyectos SVE en Polonia que comenzarán a partir de Febrero 2016 pero la seleccion termina esta semana!


1 Kindergarten in Gardeja
EI: 2015-1-PL01-KA110-017836
Kindergarten conducts pre-school education for children between 3 – 6 years old.
Kindergarten in Gardeja is a public educational institution for preschool education for children from the village Gardeja and other surrounding villages.
Our kindergarten takes care of children adjusting the methods and ways of interactions to the age of the child and its developmental capabilities, taking into account the environmental needs of exciting local conditions, and in particular:
Our experience in working with volunteers is an annual participation in working with students who are preparing to become teachers.

Volunteers helping our actions may: Lead games and activities for children, Attend and conduct classes in English, Assist in working with children with disabilities, Organize contests and competitions, Lead drama and sports,
We are open for volunteers ideas 
The role of the volunteer : Extending European awareness among our children , encouraging our children (students) to learn foreign languages , broadening the message about the cultures and traditions of other countries.
What can volunteer with us to learn : The volunteer can know our culture, traditions in our country, to gain information about the region. The volunteer can learn to work with children , can learn the methods and forms float of children. Meet new friends , participate in a contest for kindergarten and pupils.
If you are interested in this project please send your CV and covering letter to the email address: biuro@akwedukt.org.pl with the name of the project Kindergarten in Gardeja in the subject field.

2.Public Library in Malbork
EI: 2015-1-PL01-KA110-017861
Description of the organisation
The Public Library in Malbork is a cultural institution available to Malbork and the Malbork county. The Library’s collection consists of 60000 volumes and 800 special collections. Annually, 41000 people takes use of the rich and up-to-date collection, free internet access and a wide range of cultural animation activities. More info on: http://www.biblioteka.malbork.edu.pl/index.php?category=1
For years, the library has helped developing and satisfying the reading, cultural and educational needs of the local community. It’s a place where all cultural differences become blurred and supports passion and liking for books. To meet the needs of the residents, the library organizes author meetings, computer courses, theatrical and literature lessons, library lessons, literature and art contests and board game meetings. There’s also the travelers club and the language café, where travelling enthusiasts can meet and talk about the culture and language of a given country in foreign language conversations. During meetings of the passionate club, art, music and relaxing activities for parents with infants take place. For those interested in cinema, we organize film projections.
The library takes use of the services of an on-the-go volunteer, who delivers books to disabled and sick persons houses and also help the employees with organizing activities during holidays and meetings.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:
• Co-organizing and individually organizing language meetings for children, youth and adults (organized groups- schools, preschools and language meetings for the Mediateka readers);
• English language courses for children, youth and adults (cooperating with Malbork Center of Culture and Education);
• Helping with English language homework for children and youth;
• Teaching the language and culture of the country from which the volunteer comes from during activities organized in the Mediateka.
Helping in managing social media pages and the website of the Mediateka.
• Co-organizing cultural events in the Mediateka and in cooperating institutions- Malbork Center of Culture and Education, Radio Malbork, Nova Gallery, Castle Museum, Youth Detention Center, Special Education Center.
• Helping with activities and an opportunity to individually organize new ideas for activities in the Mediateka, ex. Board game club, author meetings, theatrical performances, activities for children and youth. Helping with activities that take place on all levels of the Latin School.
• Individually creating concepts of cultural animation activities using the native culture of the volunteer

The volunteer will have the opportunity to co-create activities for different age groups and organize themed activities under the supervision of an experienced cultural animator.
If you are interested in this project please send your CV and covering letter to the email address: biuro@akwedukt.org.pl with the name of the project Library in Malbork in the subject and the name of your sending organisation (Asociación Cultural Ingalicia) .

DEADLINE: 10th of september 2015