Formación Subvencionada en Macedonia!

Desde el 5 hasta el 13 de Mayo en Struga, Macedonia, tendrá lugar un curso de formación del programa Juventud en Acción dirigido a trabajadores de la juventud, monitores, trabajadores sociales y voluntarios, mayores de edad, y sin limites.

Al curso participarán un total de 40 personas de 12 Paises europeos.

Titulo del proyecto: Be skilled, get educated


The main goal of this Training course is to explain youth leaders and workers how to write and manage projects successfully. Furthermore, by using methods of nonformal education, such as group activities, open discussions and different types of creative workshops, participants will learn how to deal with different phases of project management including preparation, planning and implementation of project’s activities, but also how to create budgets and conduct evaluation forms effectively. Also, since this project will include young people who are coming from different parts of Europe, will provide an opportunity for intercultural dialogue and exchange of good practices, views and opinions between participants, with a purpose to strengthen respect for cultural diversity and to support coexistence of different cultural identities and beliefs. Therefore, this Training course will bring together participants from Macedonia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Estonia, France, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Spain (3 participants per country) hosted by Youth for Youth and Youth without Borders organization. Thus, participants will take active participation in interactive presentations, group workshops and outdoor activities, but also will be able to assemble a Manual about the project’s cycle in order to give knowledge to other youth workers and activists about how to manage projects successfully.

The aim will be achieved by means of a few objectives described below:
● to promote active participation and inclusion;
● to enable youngsters and youth workers from different countries and backgrounds to express their creativity and to develop their personal and professional skills while learning valuable methods and practices about how to write and manage projects successfully;
● to reinforce young people’s active citizenship in general and to raise awareness about their European citizenship in particular;
● to enable participants to discover their customs and heritage and by that to embrace cultural diversity;
● to give an opportunity for participants to discuss and share opinions, but also through the methods
of nonformal education to provide solutions about one of the crucial issues related to young
people youth unemployment;
● to foster mutual understanding, to develop solidarity and to promote tolerance among young people coming from different countries and cultures, in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union;
● to encourage debates and encounters among European citizens in order to encourage expression of their creative ideas and develop their entrepreneurship skills.


Buscamos 2 participantes con residencia en España y mayores de 18 años, con un nivel de inglés suficiente para mantener una conversación, motivados, proactivos, y con ganas de aportar.


Viaje: cubierto al 70% por el Programa Juventud en Acción. Una vez seleccionad@, deberás comprar los billetes junto con los demás compañeros, y la entidad de acogida te devolverá el 70% del total del viaje (hasta el máximo de 400€, siendo asi la maxima devolución 280€) una vez que entregues las tarjetas de embarque del viaje de ida y vuelta.

Alojamiento y comida: Cubierto al 100% por el Programa Juventud en Acción.

Matricula: 25€ a ingresar a Ingalicia solo en caso de ser seleccionad@.


Debes enviar tu CV y una carta motivacional especificando porque te gustaria participar a este curso, a especificando en el asunto del correo «curso.macedonia.tunombre.tusapellidos»

FECHA LIMITE : 11 DE Abril de 2014