From the 10th -15th of October, a group of 23 young people got creative in Monte de Gozo creating podcasts, exchanging ideas, good practices and making friendships. It has all started a few year ago with an ERAMUS+ project One Radio Erasmus, where 5 organisations from different parts of Europe created their own podcast channels involving the local youth.

During the 6 days, we have covered the bases of what do you actually need to record a podcast (spoiler alert: all you really need is just a smart phone/laptop and some earphones with a microphone – but any upgrade is obviously great), how to define the topic, choose a name and get more into detail into the content creation of the episodes. Throughout different workshops we went through a creative process where the participants worked on their own podcast proposal. In just a few days, they have managed to create a logo, choose the name & the topic and record their own podcast! And let us introduce to you, the great work they have done:

1 – EXPLORIENTATION: a group formed by Yulia, Viktor, Semina, Ecam and Sofija.

«Are you afraid of travelling? Have you felt unsure about planning your trips? Explorientation is a basic guide on travelling safely, efficiently and affordably. We will give you all the information you need about managing the best way to travel from a practical perspective, such as the real values and benefits to a more psychological perspective of getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new places and meeting people.» 

2 – GIRLS ABOUT GIRLS: a group formed by Vergine, Camilla, Pamela, Anna and Gabriella.

Listen to their podcast here.

3 – OUT OF THE BORDERS: a group formed by Antonio, Tímea, George, Khushbakht and Kristina.

«Have you ever dreamt of meeting people from other countries? Have you ever dreamt of getting lost in a new city? Have you ever dreamt of having extraordinary experience? What if we told you, you can do all of that for free? If you are curious about how to do it, just press play and join the journey out of the Borders!«

Listen to their podcast here.

4 – TRAVEL & DISCOVER: a group formed by Lukáš, Tatev, Mária, Alpar and Heba.

«Everyone loves to travel, especially for »almost» free. Do you think is impossible? Well, you can do it! Tatev from Armenia, Alpar from Turkey, Maria from Hungary, Heba from Egypt and Lukas from Slovakia will explain to you various options on how you can do it and will share their experiences. You will not just learn how to explore amazing places and discover new cultures, but also you will learn to cherish every moment, improve your social skills, especially while speaking with locals, but most importantly – make memories, which will last forever.«